Town centre tours

  • Prices from:   €9,00/person
  • Tour route:   »HERE«

60-minute town tours

  • 2 to 6 persons: €9/person (1.7.-31.8.)
  • 1 to 45 persons: €60/group

90-minute town tours

  • 2 to 6 persons: 13€/person
  • 1 to 45 persons: 90€/group

120-minute town tours

  • 2 to 6 persons: 15€/ person
  • 1 to 45 persons: 120€/ group

3-hour tour of wooden churches

  • individualy / max 4 pers / with transport (TIK): €150

5-hour tour of wooden churches

  • individualy / max 4 pers / with transport (TIK): €180

Bardejovské potulky (Bardejov Wandering)

  • Advance ticket sale in TIK Bardejov office:   €2/person
  • At-the-Door Ticket Price:   €2/person

Car with a tour guide

  • The price depends on the number of kilometres driven during the trip
  • A fixed charge for the driving and tour guide services is €100 per group per day



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  • We offer tour guide services to groups or individuals in Slovak, English, German, Polish and Russian
  • The forms of tour guide services, as well as the prices, are subject to negotiation and agreement
  • The price list contains prices of services provided by tour guides who are qualified in accordance with the Slovak and EU legislation in force



  • Tour guide services should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance
  • The minimum number of tour participants is two
  • The shortest time unit is 60 minutes
  • The services are paid in cash before the arranged town tour
  • Tour prices do not include entrance fees into museums or other indoor sights
  • You can send a written order to our postal address or via e-mail at
  • In the event of cancellation without prior notice to the tourist office, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50 % of the price for one tour guide unit
  • It is recommended that the group meets their tour guide in front of the tourist information office TIK Bardejov at Radničné námestie 21



Tour of the town
Fortification – city walls, bastions, moats  a well-preserved medieval fortification system
Town square – a unique town centre with medieval urban features and many precious historic buildings
Town hall – architecture, decoration, guilds, history of Bardejov
Basilica of St. Egidius – architecture, decoration, history, gothic altars


Basilica of St. Egidius
Basilica’s architecture, its origins and reconstruction, a unique set of 11 gothic winged altars, the principal altar, Calvary, Matthias Corvinus Chapel, Vera Icon, sculptures, paintings, frescoes, epitaphs, visit of the tower, as well as many interesting details about the most precious cultural sight of Bardejov, which a casual visitor of the church may fail to notice.


Historic town hall
An exhibition in the famous 16th century town hall presents the town’s history from 1241 up to the 18th century. Special attention is paid to the 15th and 16th century when Bardejov was at the height of its fame. The exhibits represent craft industry, guild life, trade, local administration, town law and defence, medieval literary culture, education system and fine art.


History of the town’s fortification system, the phases of its construction and a gradual loss of its defence function. A unique medieval defence system offers an exceptionally well-preserved structure of town walls, bastions, entrance gates, bridges and a moat. 


Bardejovské Kúpele (Bardejov Spa)
The origins of the Bardejov Spa, its history, architecture, famous visitors, cultural sights, unique mineral springs, current significance of the spa and its treatment characteristics, as well the precious open-air Museum of Folk Architecture.


Jews in Bardejov
The origins and development of the Jewish community in Bardejov, its significance for the town’s expansion, the collection of structures of the so-called Jewish Suburbia (UNESCO monument), the Holocaust Memorial, Bikur Cholim Synagogue, Jewish cemetery, life stories of the Bardejov Jews, prominent members of the community and a tragic end of the community during the World War II.


The Exhibition of Icons offers to see the largest collection of the Orthodox Church icons in Slovakia. You can see there a remarkable iconostasis with its structure according to strict rules and the significance of its icons or the models of Eastern Catholic wooden churches from the Bardejov surroundings.



Wooden churches

Hervartov – Included in the UNESCO Heritage List, the Roman Catholic church in Hervartov is the oldest wooden church in the whole of Slovakia. The interior of this exceptional gothic structure is filled with extraordinary wall paintings.
Krivé – The Greek Catholic church features an atypically homogenous look when compared to other wooden churches of similar type. The interior contains a very precious collection of 16th century icons.
Lukov – Situated in a picturesque nature environment, the Greek Catholic church is the only wooden church in Slovakia which includes a cellar. Originally, it was located in Poland, but in the 18th century, the church was sold and transported to Slovakia.
Tročany – The oldest Greek Catholic wooden church in Slovakia contains a very precious inventory, including icons atypically painted on canvas. It was originally built in a different village.
Jedlinka – The Greek Catholic church with a well-preserved interior and a splendid rococo iconostasis was allegedly transported from Poland.
 – Featuring an impressive interior full of colourful frescoes, the Greek Catholic church is one of the smallest, yet most beautiful wooden churches.
Frička – The Greek Catholic church is set near the Polish frontier, not far from the pilgrimage site of Gaboltov.
Mikulášová – The Greek Catholic church was originally located in the village of Mikulášová. In 1931, it was transported to the Bardejovské Kúpele (Bardejov Spa) where it now forms part of the Museum of Folk Architecture.
Zboj – The Greek Catholic church was originally located in the village of Zboj, not far from the Ukrainian border. In 1967, the church was disassembled and transported to the Museum of Folk Architecture in the Bardejovské Kúpele (Bardejov Spa).
Vyšná Polianka – Built after the World War I with the material from an earlier church that stood in the same place, this Greek Catholic church is the newest and smallest wooden church in Slovakia.
Ladomirová – Inscribed in the UNESCO Heritage List, the Greek Catholic church is characterized by typical eastern-rite wooden architecture and charming artistically designed interior.
Bodružal – The Greek Catholic church, which is also included in the UNESCO list, is a masterpiece of unknown woodcarvers and builders. A marbled iconostasis, unusually painted on both sides, can be found inside the church.


Zborov Castle
Due to its location near the Polish frontier, the Zborov Castle was the northernmost fortress in the Kingdom of Hungary. Contributing significantly to the trade route protection, the castle was one of the biggest fortified feudal settlements in the area of today’s Slovakia. Explore the history of this remarkable sight, the life stories of the lords of the castle, as well as the charm of the present-day castle ruins. Guided tours take place from April to October.


Dukla, Svidník
The Museum of Military History and the Soviet Army Memorial in Svidník, the story of one of the most challenging mountain battles of the World War II, authentic battlefields with unique military exhibits, the Dukla Pass, the Monument to the first Czechoslovak Army Corps or so-called Death Valley – the scene of the most difficult tank battle of the Carpathian-Dukla Operation. We offer an exciting excursion into the not-so-distant history!



Car with a tour guide

Would you like to be driven in a car with your own personal tour guide? We are here to help!

We offer car transport services in the region and provide you with a qualified tour guide during this trip. You choose the route – we will drive you. The price depends on the number of kilometres driven during the trip. A fixed charge for the driving, tour guide and translation services is €100 per group per day. The service is available from 8.00 to 18.00. A maximum number of participants is four.


Bardejovské potulky (Bardejov Wandering)
Come rain or shine, the event always features new unique topics. Wanderings around many, often unexplored areas of Bardejov, along with an engaging presentation of the local history and present-day facts, will definitely blow you away. There is always a different route and the participants often get a chance to access places which are normally closed to the public. The event takes place every third Sunday of the month. For more information click here:


Translated by:
Mgr. Juliana Senajová